10 things I love about December.

December is finally here, definitely my favourite month, that one month I look forward to throughout all year, simply because I love Christmas and December is fulfilled with warm and festive spirit and atmosphere. I love counting down the days until the Christmas dinner and I don't mean with advent calendars as they never last long. Am I the only one who eats out all the chocolate out of them in one day? I'm about to start decorating my house and garden and begin to enjoy every day and part of the last month of this year with glittery and sparkly decorations and the smell of ginger bread and cinnamon candles all around the house!
10 things I love about December.
1. Presents shopping and wrapping. I love choosing wonderful and special presents for my family! Wrapping them up in colourful and glittery paper is even more fun! I love spoiling my parents, fiancé, pets and now our first child, Christianna!
2. Oranges and mandarins. In my house Christmas without a massive stock of these fruits isn't Christmas! Me or my parents always ensure to have a big supply of them, the amazing smell that fulfils the whole house when the oranges are being peeled is irreplaceable.
3. Christmas jumpers. I love the fact that in December you can get away with wearing Christmas jumpers or funny festive outfits and onesies. I never ever owned one myself up until last year - don't ask me why, I don't even know myself. This year me and my fiancĂ© we've got ourselves some beautiful and cosy Christmas jumpers to rock this month and of course a matching one for our little bubba.
4. Festive decorations. Late evening walks are my favourite, especially with all the flashing lights and glowing decorations all around. I love people who put in so much effort to make their houses look like a fairy tale!
5. Hand made decorations. Yes! This is the best part of it, creating your own decorations, from candle holders to Christmas wreaths. See my last year Christmas tree shape wreath. Let your mind run wild and surprise your next door neighbours with a unique door wreath made by you! This could also be a perfect idea for a Christmas present!
6. Christmas comedies. I always look forward to cosy nights in bed with candles on, a hot cup of tea and a tin full of ginger biscuits, enjoying the one and only Bridget Jone's diary or Home alone, and many more!
7. House and tree decorating! My house always looks so festive at this time of the year, this has been a tradition from ever since I can remember and I will ensure to carry this tradition on until my very last Christmas! We always choose a real spruce or pine tree to put in the living room, the smell is incredible and I can not imagine it any other way!
8. Baking. I love putting my baking skills to the test and this month is perfect for it. From baking bread, buns to yummy cakes and muffins! The smell of cinnamon, ginger and honey around the house makes me so happy and keeps me going!
9. Family gathering. We're always too busy caught up in everyday life and situations! Unable to spend the time we wish with our loved ones. December is all about family to me, no matter how hectic this month can get I always make sure to dedicate as much time as I can to my closest ones. From the 24th onwards my phone is going off, it is all about family dinners, gathering, catching up and bonding.
10. Reflection and renewal. Above all, December is a month of renewal, reflection and preparation. It is a time to wrap up the year, to stop old habits and plan for new ones. A beautiful time that invites reminiscing and change. Plan to embrace the goals you have for upcoming year and think about what you would like to leave behind you.
What are some of the thing you love about December?

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