3 times yes - part two!

15th July, 2017
Happy weekend! I hope every one and each of you had a lovely week and are currently enjoying a lazy Saturday like myself. I've been cuddled up in bed with my 3 months old daughter all day replying to your emails, comments whilst munching up cherries and watching 'The undateables' in between - I am really addicted to these series believe me! I'm here today with 3 amazing products that myself and my family have been loving and enjoying. Don't forget to check out my last '3 times yes!' post if you've missed it.
First of all - how beautiful is my cute little chubby bunny? Let me not even get started, I'm totally obsessed with my daughter. She's been working very hard helping mommy with blogging. When it comes to my daughter everything has to be perfect, and this adorable and organic baby bath towel ticks all the boxes. You can tell how amazingly soft it is just by looking at the photos above. It is made of natural bamboo fibres and it's hypoallergenic (massive plus) with added 30% cotton for impressive water absorbing qualities. Not only that, this towel comes with a few lovely perks such as a snap button and soft wrapping lace so that your little bundle of joy can wear the towel as if it was a cute bunny costume.
I am a massive fan of flavoured water, but what's better than a 100% natural and home made one? We often fill our body up with sugary alternatives or caffeinated drinks just because water is perceived as plain. On a hot summery day no fizzy drink (no matter how cold it is) will settle your thirstiness but do the opposite. After coming across their website without any hesitation I've picked 3 bottles for my little family, the Infruition Mini - for myself, Infruition Sport - for my Callum and of course Infruition Kids - for baby Christianna - to ensure we stay 100% hydrated this summer. Not only do you get a beautiful bottle perfectly designed to suit your lifetyle, each purchase includes a 28 day recipe plan designed to keep your time and effort to a minimum and your outcomes to a maximum. If like myself you are out of ideas of what would the best combination of fruit be to chuck in your bottle - check out their recipes.
I have been a massive fan of White Glo since last year and their wide variety of whitening products (which are very teeth and gums friendly considering I suffer from very sensitive gums) never fails to surprise me. Recently I've been enjoying the new PURE & natural hypoallergenic toothpaste which comes with a 100% natural bamboo toothbrush - how amazing does that sound? Whilst my partner has been loving the Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste. Make sure to like their Facebook page to get a 20% off code which can be redeemed for any purchase made on their website. Moreover, any purchase over $75 USD will enjoy a free delivery as well.


  1. Finally! Someone else who loves watching The Undateables! Isn't it a fascinating programme?! I'm always so, so happy for them when they click with someone and start a relationship haha :) Adoring your magenta manicure by the way, such a gorgeous colour for summer!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  2. Ahhh la voila, there's our little miss sunshine. Ohh she's so adorable and cute. Look at her cheeks and see her in that towel, oh gosh. 😍😍😍

  3. LOL yes darling tell me about it, it is touching when they find the right one !! Love it !!

  4. Thanks for stopping by !! xXx

  5. Hehe thank you hunny !! Miss Sunshine can be very grumpy you wouldn't believe it looking at this innocent picture.
    Kisses !! xXx


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