The thoughts in my head.

The thoughts in my head.
12th July, 2017
So many thoughts in my head not enough hours in a day. I'm a big 'thinker' and observer... The problem is I like to dwell on things for decades. Not quiet sure whether it's bad or good and how the hell on earth I even find time for this to be honest. I have recently realised that the smallest and I really mean the 'smallest' or weirdest things get on my last nerves such as; my fiancé complementing my looks... Lol! Believe me I have been such a hard work since giving birth to our daughter but guess what I blame it on? Hormones! Because it's the hormones, not me.
Girls need to stop wearing Jordans and snapbacks.
How do you expect him to introduce you to his mother when
you look like Lil Wayne?
'You look better without make up' I hate that line!! And my titts
look better without a bra but I will still wear a bra!!
Do you ever check your man's horoscope and feel the
urge to confront him about it? 'I've checked your horoscope today,
and it said that someone new is walking into your life..
Who's that bitch..?'
Being 18-25 is like playing a video game where you've
skipped the tutorial and you're just sort of running with no idea
how anything works...
How I clean my room: Start in one corner,
find something from 5 years ago, stair at it for 6 hours,
go sleep.
When my man's ex says 'I was there before you..'
Ok bitch and Nokia 3310 was there before
iPhone 7S, what's your point?
Side chicks get left over Halloween sweets for
Valentine's Day. Side bitch: Why you gave me a ghost shape
candy? Him: Because you're my BOO!
Girls that have a massive list of what they want in a man,
when all they've got to offer is a loose vagina that stinks as bad
as their attitude.

I get awkward when someone compliments me and
I don't know what to say lol. Someone: You look pretty.
Me: Happy Birthday!!

If a girls ass and boobs don't stick out men are
not interested.. :-/ You men are lucky we can't see the size
of your ding-dongs through your clothes.
You know when you've got a hangover and you have
to use sunglasses to look for food in the fridge because the
light burns your eyes out.
A good, loyal woman is an investment.
A 'bad bitch' is a bill..
A woman that truly loves you will stick around
NO MATTER WHAT! And that's your fucking mother
because it ain't fucking me!!
Girls can pick up mad make up skills and techniques from
like 3 youtube tutorials while boys watch porn for 7 years and
they still can't locate the clit or g-spot.
Does anyone actually knows what you should do when people
are singing happy birthday to you lol?
So fucking awkward..
My mum always told me 'The only man who deserves you,
is the one who thinks he doesn't'..

Being a ride or die means: staying true to your man and riding
for him in the hardest times and situations that life throws
your way. Whether he has £5000 or £5 in his pocket.
Not when he cheated 10 times and you're still
sticking around lol...
I really worry about which selfie my family would put on the news
if I went missing... o_O
Nothing like the days when you would tell your parents you were
at a sleep over, and really you'd be dying in a field from
drinking too much vodka...
How do girls contour their face every morning?
I'm lucky if I brush my hair...


  1. I hate that "you look better with no makeup" line too! Cmon!
    The Fancy Cats | BB CREAM Giveaway

  2. This brightened up my day and made me laugh! Glad you have the same approach to cleaning as I do!
    Julia x

  3. AngeliePangilinan3 March 2017 at 11:40

    lol! That made me laugh so hard! Hahaha!

    Angelie // Manicure Mondays: Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in Enrapture

  4. Haha that cleaning your room one is so accurate, I do that all the time!
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. LOL the first one killed me, I laughed so hard!

  6. Haha can relate to alot of these. 1. I hate it when people say I look better without makeup. - I wanna wear makeup so who cares! 2. The girl that said she was there first?! How bitter & jealous, it's actually funny & embarassing for her hahah, because she's not there now!

  7. Dressed With Soul4 March 2017 at 13:05

    Thanks a lot for sharing! Some of these thoughts really made my laugh :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. "I really worry about which selfie my family put on the news if I went missing" LOL I can totally relate to this one! At least make sure I look good in it!


  9. Haha this post is so funny! I struggle too every morning to do my makeup, I only have 10 minutes and I use only basic products. I laughed so much on the ex being the Nokia 3310 haha, you are so right on this :)


  10. Love this, the line about your guy's horoscope made me laugh so much!
    Amy xx

  11. lovely post so energetic and gets to know you better!

    LyoshaInside and Outside Blog

  12. Haha! Love it! I really loved the Happy Birthday one - completely agree lol.


  13. So glad to hear love! And loool good to hear there's more people like that. :-D

  14. Thanks for reading!! :-D
    Kisses.. xXx

  15. Tell me about it babe, girls think everything is a competition nowadays..
    Kisses!! xXx

  16. You welcome and thank you for reading hun.. xXx

  17. Lol init!! I bet you any money they would put the most trashy one, I can fully see my dad picking some off-guard no make up morning slip from his camera roll. :-D

  18. Thank you for reading hun and same! The only time I manage to do my make up and hair and look fleecy is when I'm heading somewhere in the afternoon or evening.. No way I can do that in the morning. :-D

  19. Glad to hear hunny, thanks for reading!! xXx

  20. At least someone else can relate!! I get so awkward I really dunno what to do, I just stand there and smile like and idiot throughout the entire song lol.. xXx

  21. I love this. It was so accurate lol.

  22. love your royal blue top, where did you get? so pretty
    short homecoming dress

  23. Thank you it's a dress by the way & omg can't remember one of the brands sent it out to me few months back !! I was actually 7 months pregnant in this photo.. :-)


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