Seeing our baby's face features for the first time.

20th February, 2017
What's a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day and 2nd engagement anniversary (read our engagement story here) than by seeing your unborn child in a 3D scan? This is how me and Callum celebrated the 14th of February. At 33 weeks of being pregnant, and all kind of pains and symptoms I had to sprint up and down the stairs to get to the platform to ensure we don't miss our train. We made it, about 20 seconds before the train door shut!
We have had our appointment at 2.30pm. The staff was amazing, very helpful, friendly and supportive. Those kind of scans cost around £65-160 depending on how far you are gone and the package you choose. We've picked the top one, we've received a 10 minute DVD of our little princess, 8 3D and 4D photos and a silver baby scan photo frame. The scan lasted 30minutes and our little angel was very stubborn (just like at every other scan), she kept covering her face with one hand and trying to fit her whole wrist in her mouth!! The scan lady then asked me to empty my bladder and jiggle about a little to encourage her to move her arm away from her face, after trying to do so for 5-10 minutes, our baby decided to get her other arm involved and place both hands on her face lol.
I had no idea what goes on inside my tommy when she moves around. I would have never imagined that she's in there chewing up her hands and sucking her thumb!! So cute!! It seems so unreal and amazing. Christianna, (our daughter's name) has features of both of us. In some parts of the scan she looked just like me, other parts she's a spit image of daddy! She definitely has Callum's nose and screw face, as we've noticed her screwing her face when the lady was poking my belly to get her to move. She is already the most beautiful girl ever and we can't wait to meet her. The excitement me and Callum felt on the day of our scan is irreplaceable, I have never felt so happy and touched at the same time. As we was walking to the train station Callum was shouting and screaming out loud with happiness and excitement lol. Overall experience was wonderful and very special, I'd love to recommend such scan to every expectant parent. They might be a little pricey but most definitely worth every penny. :-)
Our beautiful daughter at 33 weeks! We left it a little bit too long, a 3D/4D scan should be performed in between 26-27 weeks, as that is the best time to get the clearest pictures. When our scan was done her face was all squashed up inside with not enough space, but I am still very impressed with the images and her beautiful little features.
Knee high boots // Choker set
Have you had a 3D baby scan done before?
I would love to hear your story...


  1. Oh what a lovely way to spend that day. It just makes this milestone extra special for you both. I love how "diva-ish" she's becoming hehehe. Covering her face! So cute. Also I had no idea they could/would chew on hands etc while in the womb. So fascinating.


  2. Aww this is lovely - congratulations to you and cannot wait to see your lovely posts on the journey! I bet you're so happy!!!

    Love the scan too, so much detail! :)

    Layla xx

  3. This is very lovely!! What a great way to spend valentine!

  4. I didn't even know these types of scans existed! How lovely, I bet it was so exciting to see your baby's face!
    Amy xx

  5. What an exciting time! Congrats!!

  6. Awww, I'm crying Oh my God this is so sweet. I know you'll both be great parents. Congratulations once again

  7. Wow how exciting, your baby looks adorable! Congratulation


    Aiko Cunanan

  8. It's so sweet you could see her like that... I never had that opportunity. Even with my youngest it was a fairly new option that was quite spendy. ... they are amazing pictures though... such cherished keepsakes ❤

  9. Aww thank you so much baby!! :-) xXx

  10. Aww thank you and I know my mum told me when she was pregnant with me there was no scans at all!! I couldn't believe it. It's crazy how the technology develops giving us so many new opportunities such as seeing your baby's features inside the womb. Amazing feeling!! xXx

  11. Same I only found out last year !! It was indeed !! She looks so much like her dad.. xXx

  12. LOL diva'ish already and she ain't even out of my womb yet... Should I be worried!!?? :-D Thanks for commenting and same I was well shocked seeing her do all this things inside, so unbelievable! xXx

  13. So happy for you guys!!! Congratulations🙌🙌🙌 she looks so beautiful😍😍

  14. Wow this is so amazing! :D Congratulations to you both! She looks so cute too :)


  15. Congratulations guys! She looks so beautiful! They look exactly the same when they are out of the womb.
    Good luck on these last weeks of pregnancy!

    Aurelie |

  16. I know right !! <3 __ <3
    And do they ?? Aww that's cute, I take it you had one before ?? xXx
    Thank you so much babe !!


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