8 things I hate about Instagram!

10th January, 2017
Instagram is that one place 'on the internet space' which irritates me more than anything else in the whole world, yet I still check it uncountable (is that even a word?) times a day. There are number of things that really drive me nuts when it comes to this app, and believe me I wasn't too keen on creating an Instagram account until sometime last year when brands actually started bugging me about it, so it had to be done for the sake of blogging.. It's damn annoying yet addictive, how does that even work..
1. People that like but don’t follow. Darling, I Instagram like I date, if I like you, I’ll follow you for-e-v-e-r. That line really made me sound like a stalker..

2. #FOTD which is always more make up than I have applied on my face in total over the past 23 years that I have been alive for..
3. Food that looks like it’s gone cold and a little bit congealed because you took 1 hour and 45 minutes to perfectly stack sausage and fries and wipe the pulp from the side of your orange juice glass because God forbid your 'Wetherspoons' breakfast doesn’t photograph well. Grrr..

4. ‘Today’s face’ which is a perfectly arranged flat lay of about 42 products that you know the person most definitely haven’t put on their face today, because it’s Sunday morning and they probably still in their PJs.
5. Pouting in the entire 40 seconds long video. What are you doing? Whyyy did this bitch just decide to casually take out 3/4 a minute out of her life to look like a clown and post it online, why..?
6. Celebrities that are so famous that they don’t have to care about a themed grid. They can literally post a blurred picture of the rain outside a window and get 897,235 likes. Meanwhile in England, my perfectly organised Instagram photos which I spend 30 minutes on each editing and so on, barely got 2 digit number of likes.. Am I a dickhead?
7. Product placement. Oh ok then, you so happened to bring your packet of organic detox sachet to brunch and place it in your avocado.. Stop it!!
8. The God damn unicorn, butterflies, fairy filters that make you look cross-eyed or like you've overdose crack and heroin, and are currently having a spasm attack, but hold on, you're convinced you look like a diva.
What are the things that you hate about Instagram?


  1. Ha ha the product placement one made me laugh so much - I hate that too!

  2. Omg hahahahahahha all of these made me laugh so much


  3. i love Instagram but have found myself getting more and more frustrated with it lately, the introduction of the algorithm has definitely left me with a love hate relationship!


  4. I used to love instagram but the thing that annoys me most about instagram these days is this:

    New Followers : 11
    Unfollowers: 18

    What's the point :/ Great post, I had a good laugh reading :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  5. Haha these are all so true! This post made me laugh but damn girl you're right x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  6. Well, I don't do Instagram so I don't have any complains at all, lol. Wishing you a lovely day, Dominica.
    New update: Something Blue....

  7. You're honest and funny, love reading it. I hate it and love it at the same time, I wonder how those girls get so much likes the next day haha. I have an allotted time for it each day, else, it takes a lot of your time, I rather spend quality time with the family and sleep :)

  8. Haha this is so interesting, thanks for sharing!


  9. Hahahha #6 makes me so annoyed! I mean I know they are famous but come on!

    Stacey + thebambieyes.com

  10. Such a funny article.
    Thanks for it.

  11. Aww thank you for reading hunny and tell me about it!! And I so agree with you and respect that!! I don't even go on it much, only to put up a photo maybe once a day, other than that I rather spend quality time with loved ones too!! And sleep.. :-D xXx

  12. Lol I love this!!
    Have a lovely day hun.. xXx

  13. I'm glad it made you laugh lovely.. xXx

  14. Tell me about it..
    I'm glad to hear that babe,
    have a lovely weekend!!

  15. Loool it is frustrating I agree..
    All the ghost followers apps etc. are really ruining it, people should follow others because they enjoy their posts not because of anything else. Thanks for commenting, Happy Weekend!! xXx

  16. Lol, aww I'm glad to hear that.. xXx

  17. Lol it is annoying. Kisses babe!! xXx

  18. Haha love this especially #5. People do it on Snapchat as well and I just sit there thinking 'What is the purpose of this'? "/

  19. This is very comforting to know that someone out there feels just like I do about IG! Trying to crack the IG algorithm is driving me nuts!! Would love your tips on how you grew your followers to 33K!


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