14 things people need to stop in 2017.

14 things people need to stop in 2017.
17th January, 2017
There are number of things that I just can not understand or wrap my mind around when it comes to our generation. A lot of things about people irritate me, some drive me insane to the point where there is no other way but to blow out with anger and give them a piece of my mind lol. I'm sure we've all been there before. You have to read the rest of this post to relate with how I'm feeling right now.
1. Skinny people saying they need to go on a diet. What the fuck you're trying to loose? Your life?
2. Girls wearing eyelashes extensions. Why the hell on Earth do your eyelashes touch your kneecaps?
3. Eating your stinky ass food on public transport. Didn't you realise that your tuna sandwich just stank up the whole buss?
4. Posting statuses such as 'Wake up and grind', just to go back to sleep.
5. Spamming people with your trashy mix-tapes. No one cares about your music.
6. Taking your stinky shoes off on public transport. I'm sorry, but are we all suddenly sitting in your living room?
7. Work out pictures. The only working out you do is pulling your trousers up and down to take your daily shit.
8. Stupid baby names. Did you really name your daughter Twerk?
9. Girls taking off boys hats and running around with it. Bitch how about I take your wig off and run around with it?
10. Storing 1,486,346 plastic bags, inside one plastic bag. Why!?
11. Texting shit like 'Call me'. I'm gonna call you back just to say 'Text me' and hang up..
12. Waiters at the restaurant asking dumb questions like 'Would you like a table?'. Nah, I came here to eat on the floor, carpet for 2 please..
13. Girls pouting in their entire 40 second Instagram video. Makes you wonder if you need to call ambulance, is this bitch having a spasm attack?
14. Fat people complaining how hard and expensive loosing weight is. Stop complaining and do something about it then you stupid fool! Jogging is free, food costs money.
Baby bump at 29 weeks! :-)
Knee high black boots // Grey asymmetric backless top // Feather brown choker
What are the annoying things you believe people
should stop this year?


  1. Your post had me cracking up when you said carpet for 2! That's hilarious and so true! Everything you complained about I agree with. There are a ton of things that just annoy me each and every day. People forget about basic etiquette and how to filter what they say. I definitely agree the most with the workout photos. If you are truly working out, then you wouldn't have the time to take a picture, nor would you look good enough for a picture if you are sweating it out.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. Haha I laughed so much at the eating off the carpet point! Luckily I've never been on public transport when people have taken their shoes off - do people actually do that?! Ew!
    Amy xx

  3. Kochana, dobry tekst, uśmiałam się i zgadzam się w stu procentach:) Dobrze, że u nas nikt nie ściąga butów w autobusie;)
    Poza tym ślicznie wyglądasz i przede wszystkim: Gratuluję!!! :)

  4. Oh, I just love your post!!! (It was like you can read my mind, hahahah...)You`re so right! Love your bump, hope you`re having a best time of your life! Have a great day! <3
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  5. Lol! Having taken public transport in NYC for years, I nodded to quite a few of these, haha! I've seen ppl take other things out other than they're feet, this is NY LOL! I laughed real hard at the one on the carpet for 2 and the video of the girls pouting for 40sec, so true! Thanks for making me laugh today, girl! I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!!



  6. you are charming dear;) so fresh so natural i like it:) follow;) now waiting for U:)

  7. Oh gosh, people taking their smelly shoes off on public transport drive me crazy! Save if for home, folks! Haha, #12 is awesome too...those questions drive me crazy!


  8. LOL this list! I really hate the "call me" text...I've learned to just turn off my phone after seeing those. Btw I love your sweater <3

    Stacey + thebambieyes.com

  9. I love the tattoos on your back and belly. So beautiful

    Life is just Rosie

  10. LOL omg people taking shoes off in the subway, EW!!

  11. Adore your sweater and photos. Great post <3


  12. This post really did crack me up! People taking their shoes off in public and exposing their stinky feet is just a huge no no, I can't believe people do it x

  13. Uhmm, lol tell me about it babes!! Have a lovely Sunday! xXx

  14. Thank you babe and ye I feel the same, so annoying!
    Kisses! xXx

  15. Lol 100% hun so so bad!! Thank you for reading!! Kisses!! xXx

  16. Awww thanks hunny that made me smile... :* xXx

  17. Oh wow looool I don't even wanna know what people take out on public transport. Thank you for reading darling! xXx

  18. Aww thank you darling. Thanks for stopping by. Kisses.. xXx

  19. Milo mi to slyszec ze sie usmialas I ze u Was nikt nie sciaga butow w autobusach lol, u nas to masakra co ludzie wyrabiaja. Caluski! Milego dnia.. xXx

  20. Lucky you then babe, and yes it's a casual thing in London lol. :-D Kisses. xXx

  21. Lol yes babe if you are really working out there is no time for pictures especially with your hair looking so damn perfect and all your facial contouring on fleek, just don't work!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, kisses. xXx

  22. This was so much fun to read haha!! Though, i think i'll still continue with the plastic bags lol
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :-)



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