10 things that are better than sex.

24th January, 2017
Don't get me wrong sex is amazing, but who the hell on Earth said it's 'the best'. The other day I was out shopping with my Mr. then all of a sudden our daughter started kicking, I've always had a bad bladder even before I became pregnant with her but ever since I've entered my 3rd trimester it's been a nightmare, anyway by the time I've managed to find a public toilet I was in so much pain from trying my hardest to hold it in. The minute I let it all out I thought to myself 'This is better than sex!'.. Literally! The relieve! Here are the 10 things that are better than sex..
1. Going to IKEA and planning your whole life, whilst walking around and wishing you won the lottery to spend on furniture that you don't even need.
2. Booking a holiday. What an exciting and amazing feeling that is. You have something new and exciting to look forward to. You can buy some sassy, new summer clothes and swim suits. You know you're going to be a tanned, bronzed goddess, chilling by the sea, away from the stress of every day life, sipping on an exotic cold drink..
3. Having your neck and cleavage tickled. Aww lord yesss! Ok, maybe I went too far, this might not be everyone's thing but I will not stop harassing my man until he gives it to me, tickling that is! ;-)
4. Fresh bed sheets. How I love freshly smelling bed sheets, especially when they have just been ironed. Heaven! No one can tell me they don't agree with me on this one..
5. Paying all your bills before the due date. Ah yes, I'm in control. I'm a boss. I'm a bad ass.
6. Stepping on the scales and realising that you don't give a fuck what it says because you know your worth isn't determined by a number.. *flicks hair*
7. Taking your bra off. The release of tension as soon as you pull it off after a long day is just the best!
8. That very first stretch in the morning - feels like an orgasm!
9. Being at home while is pouring down outside. Don't you just love sitting by your window, sipping on a hot tea (has to be lemon and ginger), listening to the rain hitting your window panes. What a relaxing sound, and then when it eventually stops, go for a walk enjoying that fresh breeze in the air!
10. Buffets. Eat as much as you want, that's all I have to say!


  1. Ah Dominica, you literally took the words out of my mouth. You need to see me when I come in and the first thing I want to do is take off my bra, oh the relief, or is it being at home while it's raining and coiled up with hot cocoa and some lovely soft music and Monsieur is there and no kids allowed 😋, and don't even get me started on paying bills. Eureka !!!!!! 😘. Thanks of this one, I concur

  2. Hahah! I love this list and agree with pretty much everything on it! I would include a hot shower, coffee in the morning, snuggling underneath my duvet etc etc. LOL


  3. Hahahaaaaa.... great list Dominica! There is a few things I would include, but must agree with most of it! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  4. haha! I love your post! I agree with some points- like going shopping...hehe!


  5. Yes to all of this.


  6. Haha Nice post!


  7. Glad to hear =P and thank you for reading!!


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