Christmas tree shape wreath.

17th December, 2016
One of the big reasons why I love Christmas is the beautiful handmade decorations season! I absolutely love and enjoy making Christmas wreaths or candle holders! Do you remember my last year's one? You can see the post here.. The mega advantage of creating your own DIY Christmas wreath is that they are super original and you can be sure that no one else in the neighbourhood will have the same door decoration as you! This year I went for a Christmas tree shape wreath, since everyone else has the typical round one up.
You will need:
+ spikey branches +
+ twigs or sticks for the base +
+ string or a thin wire to attach everything together +
+ Christmas outdoor LED lights +
+ decorations, I went for cones and dried oranges +
The first thing to do is create the base out of the twigs or sticks and tie it all up together so that it is solid and stable! The middle stick (which will be the tree stem) should be longer than the whole base (as shown in the photos below). Once the base is ready we can begin to attach the branches onto our base using a string or wire, ensuring the branches are spread proparly and there is no missing gaps. Lastly attach lights and decorations and hang it up on your door!


  1. This is SO cute, I've never seen anything like this before - will have to save this idea and try it next year! By the way I LOVE your festive blog theme - the mouse cursor is the cutest!
    Amy xx

  2. A Christmas wreath in itself is a lovely festive DIY, but this takes it to a whole new level! I really love the inclusion of dried oranges, just beautiful :) Also, totally LOVE the candy cane cursor on your blog right now haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  3. Oh this is so cute, Dominica, I love what you did here. It brought a smile to my face, it's really so adorable. To answer your question, I am photosensitive, that is my eyes are photosensitive and broad daylight is extremely painful, even on dull rainy days, tho. These are special protection glasses and also the reason why I always wear the same ones. Happy holidays, beautiful girl.

  4. Aww thank you hun! Have an amazing Christmas.

  5. Thank you so much babe and yesss I love dried oranges for Christmas decorations especially all over the Christmas tree, and they smell so goooood!! Merry Christmas!! xXx

  6. Thank you so much beautiful, and thank you for answering question and sorry for being so nosy!! I'm sorry to hear that, I can imagine what you have to go through, I have very bad eyes in spring/summer when hay fever kicks in, I have to keep my shades on throughout the whole summer. Merry Christmas! xXx

  7. You are welcome, hun and you are not nosy, not at all. Luv ya. Wishing you and yours a merry and blessed Christmas. Kissses

  8. such a cute idea :) You are really creative!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!


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