Christmas in my house.

26th December, 2016
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope every and each of you had an amazing and peaceful time this Christmas. I don't know about you but I've decided to switch my phone off and not use the internet during this period, I've dedicated all my time to my family and loved ones. As most of you already know I'm originally from Poland. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, 24th of January..
This is when we all get together for a family dinner, or should I call it a supper, where we say a prayer and wish each other health, joy and a prosperous New Year, before sitting at the table where the supper begins! Below you can see some of my traditional polish Christmas dishes that I've prepared together with my mother, can't lie my dad played a big part this year, he helped us a lot! After the meal we all sit around the room and begin to open presents, normally one person reads out the name and hand the presents to their new owners! And lastly, 'afters and drink' time. We normally sit back at the table and enjoy my mother's baked goodies with a shot of polish vodka or a glass of wine!
Susz - dried fruit kompot
Heaven in a glass. Kompot made from dried fruit such as apples, plums, pears, cinnamon, anise, cloves and more. This flavour and smell is so Christmassy, however this drink might not be suitable for kids or some individuals as it has a very strong dried fruit and cinnamon taste to it. Me personally, I love it more than anything!
Sledz - herring
This is more of a side dish or afters dish. Herring in tomato sauce with loads of onion, or one in garlic juice. Both taste amazing, I love having the on the next day, which is Christmas day, for my breakfast. My mum makes other side dishes to go with it such as spicy grinded horseradish beetroot, pickled mushroom and many more.
Uszka z barszczem - beetroot borsch with ravioli
Mmm, one of my favourites! Ravioli with mushroom served in a freshly made spicy beetroot soup. I can tasty it as I'm describing it lol! This dish is served first in the order at the Christmas supper and it tastes amaaazing. If you haven't tried this before, it should be on your list.
Makowiec - poppy-seed cake
Poppy-seed and raisins cake, I love it, this is the traditional cake we bake for Christmas, Easter and pretty much every other occasion. Another cake that is very popular for this kind of traditions is a cheese cake but not your typical cheese cake!
Bananowiec - banana cake
This one actually isn't a traditional Christmas dish, however I always manage t persuade my mum to make me a banana cake for Christmas. It's one of mine and my fiancé's favourites, tastes amazing with the fried coconut bits, alcohol soaked sponge and white grapes jelly.

Losos - salmon
How good does this look? We love our fish! At Christmas supper Salmon is served last along with the top and most important dish of Christmas, carp. I'm not a big fan of carp and never have been, however my family and fiancé loves it. Salmon is definitely my more preferred option. I love it, nice and tender on the inside with a little crispy skin.
Kapusta z grzybami - cabbage with mushroom
This is and always has been my favourite Christmas dish! Cabbage with beans and mushroom. Tastes wonderful and very original, I can guarantee you, you've never tasted anything like this before. This dish is normally served 2nd in the row at the Christmas supper.

Pierogi - dumplings with cabbage and mushroom
Dumplings are massive in my country, there are so many different fillings that polish people put inside the dumpling dough.. From potatoes, cheese, meat, fruit to the traditional Christmas cabbage and mushroom ones. They taste like heaven with a little bit of fried onion on top!

What are your Christmas traditions and dishes?


  1. Dominica... it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas... it is really interesting to learn about the different foods that people eat for dinner all over the world. I am glad you were able to spend time with your family, that is always the best xox

  2. I really did have a beautiful Christmas, thank you for stopping by I hope you had a lovely holiday too!

  3. Your Christmas supper looks absolutely amazing!!

  4. Loved the description of your Christmas and photos! I love Poland and one of my sisters-in-law is from a Polish family! I have gone to Poland three times and I would like to go many more - I loooved pierogi and borsch and would love to try borsch woith ravioli, plus the banana cake! The Kompot also sounds amazing! I hope you have a very beautiful new year' eve and a brilliant new year, may it be filled with love, prosperity, luck, fun and lots of good things!

  5. Thank you hun,
    Happy New Year !!

  6. Aww really that's nice to hear, I haven't been back to my country in about 10 years could you believe it! Last time I went back I was about 14.. I love pierogi too lol dumplings are also my fiancé's favourite polish dish. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts hun. Wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Kisses.. xXx


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