Christmas gift idea, nuts in honey & chilli.

16th December, 2016
This Christmas I want to try to convenience everyone to make-by-hand something special for your close ones. Do it yourself projects require effort but they are much cheaper and much more meaningful than items purchased in a store. I have the biggest list of DIY projects for this season, some already have a tick next to them, still more to come. I love decorations made by hand especially Christmas ones! On today's menu 'nuts in honey and chili'. It's a healthy and tasty snack. Dressed in a nice package can be a great gift idea for your co-workers and friends.
You will need:
+ Mix of different nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts) +
+ 3 tablespoons of honey +
+ 1-2 tablespoons of hot pepper powder +
Fry nuts on pan until golden brown. Next thing to do is to prepare the sauce with honey, chili and sweet peppers. Pour the sauce over the nuts and continue to fry, constantly stirring until the sauce evenly coats all nuts. Place on plate or kitchen paper until it cools down. Separate them and place in a box or baking foil and decorate it.

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