A letter from Santa, how to get your kids involved in Christmas preparations.

11th December, 2016
Some of you might not know yet that I'm expecting a baby girl in April. I believe it would be helpful for every mother out there struggling with Christmas preparation this month to have her little helpers involved. Get your little ones to write a letter to Santa telling him what they want to find the most under the Christmas tree this year! Now the tricky part.. Santa has to respond back!
Below I've prepare an example letter from 'Santa Clause' for your children, that will convince them to get involved in Christmas preparations. Leave it under their pillow, sneak it in their school back pack or simply post it to your own door addressed to child or children!
Dear (child's name),

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. The toys which you have asked me for require a lot of effort from me! This year I've received thousands of letters from other children around the world. That's why I have to ask for your help! I know you're a smart and strong boy/girl and that you will handle this better than anyone else! Here is a list of tasks for each day until Christmas Eve for you to complete and in return I promise to do the best I can to deliver the toys you wished for this Christmas!
1. Tidy up your room.
2. Give away clothes or toys you will no longer play with.
3. Prepare some Christmas DIY decorations for your room.
4. Help your parents decorating the Christmas tree.
5. Create your own hand made Christmas cards to post to your loved ones.
6. Help with grocery shopping and putting away groceries.
7. Water the plants.
8. Help fold dry washing.
9. Help with meal preparation and setting up the table.
10. Take care of food and clean water for pets.

Those are the things that I would love to see you help your parents with and I will be more than happy to bring you the toys that you have asked for all the way from the North Pole! See you soon!

This is of course just an example that I would personally use as my own letter from Santa. I believe that this is a great way to motivate our little ones to help prepare the house for the festive days ahead, it's also a great way to get them away from toys, computer or simply teach the most important lesson that nothing is free and nothing comes easily in life. Another great advantage of this idea is bonding with your child, you can do all of the things above together such as; decorating the house or Christmas tree, preparing diy festive decorations and cards, creating an advent calendar together which is always fun, tidying up or baking!
What do you think of this idea?


  1. First Dominica, I wish you a wonderful pregnancy with your little girl... This is a sweet idea to do with your children for Christmas... It's a great way to find out what they want and to give them ideas to help out too xox

  2. What a beautiful idea, Dominica. Sorry being so late lately. Blame it on Xmas stress, lol. Beautiful photos and decoration as well. Love that little rocket horse. I have a thing for rocket horses, anyway. Happy holidays, hun.

  3. I don't have kids yet, but I always used to do this for my younger cousins (I have seven, and I'm the oldest). I always used to attach pictures of reindeers and baby reindeers, and of little Norwegian villages that, I used to say, were "Santa's town of little elves". They loved it so much!
    I never thought about the ten tasks, that's such a good idea. I, of course, don't know you personally but from this post I get so many cozy, amazing future mom feelings! Hope to read you before the holidays get here so that I'll be able to wish you Happy Holidays!

    Agnese | Agnese's Coiffeuse

  4. Congratulations hun! I don't have children, but this is a beautiful idea.


  5. Aww you've got a big family then, all my family members live in Poland so I hardly ever get to see them :-( apart from my parents they're here with me. And that's so lovely, I can imagine they must of loved it. It's such a magical season where children's imagination goes to a whole different extend lol I think it's so cute! Me and my fiance we thought we won't even lie to our little girl (when she's born) about Santa leaving presents under the tree lol but I can't not do it simply because I remember how beautiful and magical it was believing in Santa and his little helpers. And aww thank you hun, I will be a cozy mum I hope! :-D Thank you for commenting and I wish you and your family a very peaceful and happy December!

    Dominica S.

  6. No worries hun I hope you're been keeping well, thank you for stopping by and yes I love them too!
    Kisses. xXx

  7. Thank you Launna she has been giving mummy loads of cramps recently and she's so active at night time !! :-D Thank you for reading and yes that is true. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful December fullfilled with love and happiness. Kisses. xXx


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