What you should know before buying an English Bulldog.

18th November, 2016
First thing you need to keep in mind before you consider buying an English bulldog is that they are the most stubborn creatures on earth. Ever since we've got Laya (my bulldog in photos) she became the boss of the house and our entire family, despite the fact that we have other pets too. Laya has turned our life upside down! Bottom line: bulldogs never jump at your command but evaluate it.
Care for an adult bulldog involves number of things! Regular feeding in the morning and at night, some bulldogs, including Laya require special food to prevent allergies. The best dry food for bulldogs I can strongly recommend is 'Royal Canin'. Ever since Laya has been on this diet all her skin problems has really improved and many has faded away, which I'm over the moon about, keeping in mind that she has had a bad skin condition and other allergies since birth.
A very essential activity is light daily exercise. It could be a walk twice a day, but remember to walk at your bulldogs pace and to prevent long walks as bulldogs are generally lazy and they have breathing difficulties due to their short necks. A 15-20 min walk in the morning and before bed time would be just right!
Another important thing that every single person who is willing to buy a bulldog needs to pay attention to is - facial cleaning, to prevent fold dermatitis! I personally recommend boiled chamomile tea bags or Hibi scrub (you can purchase in any chemist) mixed with water (1:5 water). I prepare mine in a small bowl or a cup every morning, and use it to clean my baby every evening. Remember to be very gentle as it's not the most comfortable feeling for a bulldog judging by Laya's reaction. I don't know about other bulldogs but Laya's tail sucks in and it needs to be cleaned as well as her ears and paws.

Just like with other breeds, regular vet visits are very important. English Bulldog is one of the breeds that are most common to have cancer. Laya was this fortunate she has been diagnosed with an ovarian cancer last year October, she is now cancer-free, she has survived two surgeries in the space of 3 days! Real soldier, for more information regarding what Vet took care of my baby please contact me. Please visit your vet regularly, if you can't afford it don't buy a dog it's that simple.
Bullies are laaazy therefore a comfortable bed is a must! Laya sleeps in bed with me and my fiancé or should I say we sleep in bed with Laya, as it feels like our bed doesn't belong to us anymore. Bulldogs are very special dogs that require special attention and care. They are not an easy breed to have and most bulldog breeders and owner agree that they are not fit for a novice dog owner.
Main problems that arise with the breed of the English bulldog:
+ heat sensitivity +
+ fold dermatitis +
+ elbow and hip dysplasia +
+ narrow nasal opening/breathing problems +
+ inability to swim +
Heat sensitivity.
If you're looking for a friendly pet to motivate you to take that morning jog or bike ride, bulldogs are not the right answer. Most bulldog owners agree that they aren't tolerant of excessive exercise, as they typically run full speed, then collapse with all four feet stretched on the floor. Bulldogs are indoor dogs and cannot be left alone outside for long. They don't tolerate cold well, either.
Fold dermatitis.
Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. Where there are excessive skin folds or wrinkles, fold dermatitis occurs due to rubbing of skin and trapping of moisture in the folds. Pyoderma (bacterial skin infection) commonly develops. Common forms are tail, lip, and facial fold dermatitis in breeds where there is skin folding in these areas. Bulldogs need regular grooming because these wrinkles need to be cleaned daily. After talking to my veterinarian, bulldogs are in the top five dogs with skin irritations, causing expensive vet bills.

Elbow and hip dysplasia.
Hip and elbow dysplasia results from the abnormal development of the joints in a young dog. Most dysplastic dogs are born with normal hips and elbows, but due to genetic and possibly other factors, the soft tissues that surround the joint start to develop abnormally as the puppy grows. Dogs may alter their running or walking, often resisting movements that require full extension of their legs. Many times, they 'bunny hop.' They will show stiffness and pain in the rear legs after exercise or first thing in the morning. Most dogs will warm up out of the muscle stiffness with movement and exercise. Some dogs will limp, and many will decrease their level of activity. As the condition progresses, the dogs will lose muscle tone and may even need assistance in getting up.
Narrow nasal opening/breathing problems.
All of the bulldogs I have owned have had breathing troubles of some sort. Whether they snore loudly at night, or pant excessively after minimal exercise. Their flat facial structure restricts their air intake. In addition, many bulldogs also suffer breathing difficulties as a result of their elongated soft-palate (tissue in the back of the throat). The soft palate can be fixed with surgery, but if left untreated, the dog can develop sleep apnoea or suffocate.
Inability to swim.
Because of their unusual body proportions, bulldogs cannot be left unattended by the pool because they will drown. Their short legs cannot support their heavy, compact bodies in the water. If you have a swimming pool please get a baby gate surrounding the pool, or make the dog wear a life jacket.

Bulldogs are really the funniest and grumpiest yet sweetest dogs.
Yes, they do need a lot of attention and care but it's
nothing but pleasure for an animal obsessed person like myself.

Do you have a bulldog or planning on getting one?

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  1. Oh wow, what a massive and sturdy dog that is! No wonder she is the boss of the house! :-)


  2. Hehe that is true, this could be the reason why she thinks she can boss us about. xXx

  3. I love dogs!! That's a great post for all those who'd love to have an english bulldog! xoxo


  4. I love them too!
    Happy December!


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