The truth about being a full-time blogger.

20th November, 2016
Blogging has always being and I strongly believe, always will be my dream job. I've always enjoyed writing ever since I was a little girl, I used to write little stories and terrorise my grandpa every evening by reading them aloud to him. As a full-time blogger I am not too impressed with the way media and individuals labels us. Easy money, lazy, uneducated.. The list doesn't stop here. I receive a lot of questions regarding my blogging career and what it really looks like. I am here today to answer them for you the best I can. :)
Blogging is very unpredictable.
The world of blogging is unpredictable, it develops and changes dramatically. Being a blogger means you have to be very open minded to adapt to new things very fast. We can't predict where the blogging industry will lead to in few years or so. When I first began to write this blog, just under two years ago, the brands were all about the amount of traffic my blog can generate to their websites. Now no one cares about the traffic anymore is all about the content you provide, engaged readers you have as well as your social media count.
Day off? You must be joking!
I have made this mistake before. 'Let me take a week off blogging'.. Readers don't respect that, you have to constantly keep your audience entertained, your social media platforms popping and brands satisfied with quick response to all emails! There is no such thing as holiday or time off for a full-time blogger. You have to be active online, promote your brand on a day-to-day basis, constantly producing content and maintaining an online presence..
Creativity, organisation skills and self motivation.
As a blogger, I’m my own boss which is of course a massive plus as no ones gets to tell me what to do or how to do it, however it comes with a lot of responsibility. You can not rely on any one when it comes to your blog. Self-motivation and hard work are the essential traits. Since you don’t have to be at the office at a certain time or you don't work 9am-5pm, it’s easy to start being lazy lying around the house until late afternoon. Staying very organised is extremely important in blogging industry. I have my days planned ahead for minimum the next 4 weeks, to ensure I don't skip a day, time is precious. Creativity is another important thing. How are you going to keep all those posts coming if you aren't creative enough!?
Haters and criticism.
Since you are putting yourself out there in a way for the public, you have to be prepared to face the consequences. In other words negative people and their negative comments. I haven't came across that on my blog just yet, however social media platforms can get pretty wild. Thick skin and optimistic mind set are the way forward.
Never ending emails.
Regardless of how bad this will sound, I hate waking up every morning to hundreds of unread inbox. It can get very frustrating, especially if you've spent the entire previous day replying to emails! Yes, more emails. Emails equal potential clients, which of course is what you want, however the hours a blogger spends every day replying to all of the collaboration offers can really tire you out mentally and physically.
There is a lot pressure.
Just like with other jobs you have to meet deadlines. Good lighting is very important to ensure we provide the best photos we can. Picture this: you have no lighting equipment available, the deadline is in 7 days, and it rains for the entire week.. There's also a pressure for constantly producing interesting and fun content to keep the audience coming back. We're not robots, we're only humans, it's easy to have a blogging block where we run out of ideas for the next post!
Your income is inconsistent.
Bloggers income comes through many different sources such as, sponsored posts or reviews, affiliate marketing, ad sales, photoshoots and many more. You have to be aware that there is no weekly or monthly wages. As I first began collaborating with brands on my blog there were massive gaps in between each collaboration and payments. I couldn't exactly rely on my blog when it came to paying bills and so on. Until today I am still unsure of when the next collaboration or my 'pay day' will be!
Knowing your worth.
There are many new brands that can not afford compensation sponsorship, instead they offer you gift-based collaboration where you will receive their products free-of-charge. Of course this can be fun and cute at the beginning of your blogging carer. However once you reach a certain stage, you'll realise how good your content is, how much your photography skills improved and how much the amount of audience has grown, you can not be spending hours of hard work in return for a free nail polish or a pair of shoes. Some brands can be very difficult and hard to negotiate with. The way I see it:
'There are thousands of brands across the world, don't waste your time on ones who don't take you or your hard work seriously. Your blog, your rules, your rates..'
My advice to new bloggers.
You have to love what you're doing to really be good at it. Blogging is a hard industry, you will not get far if you get in to it for the 'money'.. If you have only started blogging or are willing to, focus on making your blog and content stand out, build relationships with other bloggers and readers and don't ever stop promoting your blog - your brand!

And remember, we pay taxes too.. ;)


  1. Thanks for putting up this post on your blog. It was worth the read.

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog... I truly appreciate the kind words. xox

    I totally agree you have to love what you do, I don't have the kind of blog that makes money but I still love writing... otherwise why bother...

    I think bloggers who do this for money are highly dedicated, it takes a great deal of work... it's not easy at all... xox

  3. This post was honestly so mind opening, I came over here after you commented on my post, and I can totally agree with you, especially about taking a day off, no, you have to be up to date, but always remember that people will understand if you take a day off.

  4. Thank you for stopping by hun. xXx

  5. You very welcome hun! =)
    Exactly, blogging should be your hobby before anything else.
    It find it a great way to calm down, relax or of course express myself.
    Have a lovely week ahead of you!

  6. That is true, a day off I could get a way with! =)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Agree with you- looks so easy but it's not!

  8. I know what you mean. My blog hasn't gotten to the point where I can relate to everything in this post but I do know everything you said is true. I started my blog because I liked blogging and also as a portfolio for future reference but I never imagined I would love it as much as I do and I can safely say now that this is my dream job. It's not easy but I believe that loving what you do makes things a tiny little bit easier.

    Marta -

  9. Thankyou for this post xx

  10. What a great post =o) Although I have a full time job, I love blogging on the side. I have so much respect for full time bloggers such as yourself because it is a difficult and constantly evolving profession. Keep up the good work =o)

  11. This is such an informative post. I am a blogger but I don't do it full-time and I have never earned from it. Great post. I have learned a lot of things.

  12. Thank you for reading Dee!
    Kisses. xXx

  13. Thank you for your lovely words hun, and I'm glad to hear that you love blogging on the side! I don't ever see myself stopping! Even if something changes one day and my blog will no longer provide me income, I will still stay dedicated because it's an amazing journey! Have a lovely day! xXx

  14. I definitely agree with you, loving what you do, definitely makes it easier, simply because you don't have to force yourself to do it! =D You do it because you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by, have a good week. xXx

  15. I really enjoy reading your post. I
    I've always been creating content (in any form) and I love doing that. Lately I've been working on my blog full time, even though I make no money from it, it's such an amazing experience and lots of work! But work is much easier when you like what you're doing... ;)

    Laura |

  16. I agree with everything you said and that's what I've done before my blogging career really kicked off. I treated it as a full-time job even though I didn't get much or any income at first. It has to be done if you want it to develop. Working hard everyday on your brand (because that is what your blog is) putting all that effort in will pay off one day! I've seen your blog, you're doing amazing! xXx

  17. great advice Dominica!!
    the fact is if we werent educated we wouldn't be able to be writing in the first place

  18. Everything you write is sooo true! I had no clue you are blogging full time! Wow! xoxo

  19. Thank you for reading hun!


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