My 10 autumn essentials!

5th November, 2016
There are number of things that spring to mind when I think of Autumn, most of which I have included here. The evenings are getting darker and colder which means more cosy nights under a blanket watching films! It also means more hot drinks, berry lips and ginger and pumpkin spice everything!
1. Cute big mug for all the hot drinks I will be drinking over the next few months!
2. Thick and cosy blanket, big enough to cover me and my fiancé.. And Laya (our bulldog) of course!
3. Romantic comedy and horror film DVD's!
4. A massive stock of lemons, ginger and pepper mint leaves for those evening cups of tea!
5. Soft, cosy socks and slippers to keep my feet warm.
6. Oversized sweaters or jumpers!
7. Snacks! Not only for myself but for my fur-babies too! I like to make sure I have a humongous supply of biscuits for the cosy evenings.
8. Candles, candles and more candles! Pumpkin or ginger spiced one with jasmine, vanilla or cinnamon!
9. Autumn leaves and cones decoration all around my house.
10. Cute and cosy PJ or onesie for the cold nights!
She's so perfect, I love her!

What are your autumn must have's, do's or essentials?


  1. Those are my essentials as well! Those are some of the reason's why I love autumn so much.

    Marta -

  2. Your essentials are great! I also love candles, snacks, blankets... they are sooo perfect for the new season, so cosy! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  3. I love your number 2. Thick and cozy blankets are everything! I just got myself a pretty cozy throw blanket!

  4. Yeah warm blankets and scented candles are everything this season!!
    Can't imagine one evening passing by without candles lit all over my bedroom!!
    Have a lovely week babe thanks for stopping by.

  5. Aww did you. I'd love to see it, what colour/pattern isit?
    I need some new ones bed throws..
    Happy Monday!!

  6. I never really liked autumn as a kid or growing up, I hated it to be real, I've only started loving it couple years back, as I grew up it became my favourite season. Kisses. xXx

  7. I love love love autumn! :) I like all the stuff you mentioned. And I especially love the fall fashion, to spend time at home with my hubby with a lot of candles and a good movie and I love to play in the garden with my dogs. Wishing you a great week! xoxo

  8. i love the aurumn vibe dae..and the cuty patoty doggy...

  9. I love that you llve playing in the garden with your fur babies. I love fall fashion too I feel like I can only fully reflect my style in autumn and winter. Summer time you can't really dress up because is too hot. =D Thanks for stopping by. Xx

  10. I love your list! I love candles, sweaters and mugs filled with delicious hot drinks this time of year. Great pics of your family! My neighbor just got a dog like that. LOL


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