Grey accents and English bulldog.

8th November, 2016
There are days in life when we look back on people who let us down or situations that hurt us in the past. Our past is what makes us. I've been through a bit in my life and regardless of how hard it was or how much pain it cost me, I am happy and proud to be the woman I am today. What didn't kill me, only made me stronger and wiser. I appreciate my life and every day given to me by God. Some things happen in life, that we can not predict or prevent. The key is to stay strong and never give up no matter what. Remain positive, live life to it's fullest potential and make your dreams become a reality. Today's stress won't solve tomorrow's problems. Smile!

Sweater - Zara / Jeans - Primark / Coat - Shein /
Bag - Dresslink / Shades - Hindsight Vintage / Accessories - BHS