Amazing benefits and tricks of using vapour rub.

27th October, 2016
We often purchase products not even realising the amazing benefits hiding behind them. For incidence the famous vapour rub that we only tend to use on chest and nostrils area forgetting that this product can be very helpful in other cases and situations too.
Cold sores - rub a little on the area when you
begin to feel one coming.
Nail fungus - rub on toenails infected with fungus,
the nail will turn a dark colour as it kills the fungus. Dark
colour will fade away as the nail grows out.
Sore throat - rub on throat and wrap it up with a scarf.
Coughs - rub generously on feet and cover with socks to help
minimise coughing.
Decongestant - rub on chest and under each nostril.
Sore muscle - rub generously on sore muscles.
Ear aches - apply small amount onto a cotton ball and place
inside ear to relieve pain. Do not push too deep!
Mosquito repellent - apply small amount on exposed skin
to prevent mosquitoes from biting.
Itchy bugs bites - rub on a bite and cover with a band-aid.
Cracked heels - rub on feet before going bed, cover with
plastic bag and socks over it.
Acne - Dab on zit to clear it up!
Have you tried any of these listed above?



  1. I had no idea it would be so good for so many things!

    Marta -

  2. Magnificent !
    Kiss, Lucie,

  3. Nail fungus and mosquito repellent? Didn't know that. I have used vapor rug for colds and it works perfectly. This is good info and will try it out on more body parts.

  4. It's great for sore joints. Even young people can have a sore knee etc, after the gym. If it's just a temporary thing, not a serious injury, I always resort to the vapour rub.

  5. Ye it is amazing and yes definitely a temporary thing lol, I've tried this trick with a long lasting muscle joint pain and it definitely didn't work! :-D But it's still amazing what this little thing can be used for. Thank you for commenting! Kisses! xXx

  6. Ye I know sounds unreal, I had a bad nail fungus couple of years back and it really worked! Have a lovely weekend hun! xXx

  7. It's like a miracle cure for so many things! I love Vicks, it's brilliant. x


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