20 questions with Dominica.

12th October, 2016.
There's nothing more flattering then receiving emails or messages from my readers asking for a more personal post or what I do on a daily basis.. I have recently received a number of emails from brands and audience congratulating on my pregnancy, one has extremaly touched me. It was from a lovely reader from Jamaica, she mentioned how much of an inspiration I am to her and she would love to meet me. Thing's like this melt my heart and are the best reward a blogger could ever receive. I'm here today with a more personal post for you..
1. Worst trait? Temperamental - My mood swings are unbelievable, and no I'm not talking about my pregnancy hormones at all. I can be a horrible piece of work towards another person for the smallest reason and often find it hard to control it.
2. Favourite food take away? Chinese & Sushi!

3. Guilty pleasures? Staying in bed all day being lazy on my laptop with full plates of food and other snacks around me! ;)
4. Describe yourself in 5 words? Stubborn, loyal, creative, ambitious, impatient.
5. Your biggest dream in life? My biggest dream would be to one day purchase a house with a big enough land or back garden to build my own shelter for homeless animals. I'd love to rescue them and give them a new warm home and loads of love that they truly deserve.
6. Life motto? Life is like a path made of snow, be careful how you tread because every step will show.
7. Favourite perfume? DKNY (green).
8. Favourite season? Autumn and winter. I'm in love with fall for the cold and windy days, long walks with a beautiful scenery of golden leaves laying and flying around, being able to wear warm and cosy clothes and boots. I love winter for the 'snow' that we don't ever see in England, the warm Christmas spirit that starts from early December and last until the end of the month! Everyone seems so happy..
9. Tell us something weird about yourself? I talk to myself a lot, I ask myself questions and answer them. I even tell my self jokes and laugh at them..
10. If you weren't blogging what would you be doing? I've never thought of that to be honest, I love my job and wouldn't change it for nothing. I love photography as well as writing. Maybe a photographer or a journalist would be the answer to this question.
11. Favourite snack? I'm a 'veggie and fruit fiend'! A plate full of chopped fruit or fresh vegetables is the key to my heart. ;-)
12. Favourite films? Thrillers, horrors and documentaries. I love a good documentary about serial killers and so on. I adore learning about human psychology and how psychopath's mind works. A bit creepy, I know.
13. Dream holiday? I'd love to visit India, Australia and maybe somewhere in the Caribbean.
14. What calms you down? A lot of things calm me down. From being in contact with animals or the nature, listening to old school songs or a relaxation wave sounds music in a hot tub, a cup of tea to cuddles with my man or my pets.
15. Favourite drink? My all time favourite drink is a hot cup of earl grey tea with fresh leaves of mint. In regards of something stronger, Baileys Original.
16. Do you speak any other language. I speak fluent polish.
17. Last time you've cried? This morning, ever since I've became pregnant I've been very emotional especially when reading about the development of our baby, it's so touching. :-)
18. Favourite meal to cook? It has to be jerk chicken with coconut rice, it's quiet easy to make and everyone in my family loves it.
19. Your biggest fear? Witnessing animal suffering/cruelty, deep water and heights.
20. What does your typical day look like? I wake up around 5.30am to make my Callum coffee and lunch for work. I then go back to sleep and get up around 9-10am. I make a little breakfast with a nice cup of tea, reply to emails and comments, house work for a couple of hours and so on..

 Thank you so much for encouraging me to create this post. I've enjoyed answering your questions and I hope you will enjoy the answers! Please leave links to your 'get to know me' related post so I can get to know a little about you.