Stop chewing in front of me! Life of a misophonic..

22nd July, 2016
Do you get annoyed with the munching and chewing sounds that you hear during lunch or dinner with your friends or family? The more you hear people chew it's like adding fuel to the fire! Until today I've believed that I'm the only one that suffers from this. I've decided to sit down and do a little research and I've found out that it's nothing but a type of hypersensitivity to sounds which technically is called misophonia.
Misophonia is a mental disorder which has been discovered pretty recently. There is still a lot of controversy and uncertainties around it. Many theories contradict with each other. There are psychologists who treat misophonia as mental illness, although I believe that this approach is a little too harsh.
Misophonia is a combination of two Greek words: 'misos' and 'phonie'. Together they represent the 'hatred of sound'. This disorder is so serious that it can not only lead to irritability, anger or headache but also to an aggression! Sciencetists say that these sounds can cause anxiety, embarrassment, disgust, discouragement or even compulsion to escape/run away. The weirdest thing about it, is that people who suffer from misophonia get irritated the most by their relatives. This causes many unpleasant situations in everyday life, especially during family meals.
In my case, misophonia affects me during meals in a small group of people. I focus on these sounds even though I really don't want to. The worst situations are when we're eating in silence, that's when the anger hits me twice as bad. From a cat or dog licking themselves, people biting their nails or scratching sounds - it all drives me insane.
Scientists say that misophonia result from nerve connections between the cerebral cortex and the centre of the auditory system and the structures of the limbic system. Research on misophonia are in progress and the case still remains unclear.
How to treat misophonia?
Psychologists suggest cognitive therapy, which aims to relax the patient, presenting them methods of dealing with their own emotions and teaching them to control the negative ones. The next step is sound therapy, which is based on helping the person suffering from misophonia to get used to the annoying sounds and associating them with positive things - and believe me I ain't going to the sound therapy because I'd end up killing the  therapist.
So, how many of you suffer from misophonia?

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  1. I heard about this recently from someone who also suffers from it, but otherwise I wouldn't have heard about it! xx

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