Why detox your body?

Why detox your body?
13th March, 2016
Most tea recommended for detox contains herbs that nourish the liver, an organ responsible for clearing toxins from your body. Tea for detox assist your body to get rid of toxic waste which helps to improve digestive system, detoxify and cleanse the body, help you to reach your health/weight loss goals.
1. Appetite Suppressant
One strategy to help stave off cravings is to suppress the appetite through the use of natural teas which also have the beneficial effect of making you feel less hungry and therefore less likely to snack.
2. Aids Digestion
Most herbal teas assist in digestion. The natural compounds released from detox tea aid the digestive process and speed up the emptying of the colon – removing waste from the body. Used regularly, detox teas can improve digestive well being and reduce bloating and constipation.
3. Removes Toxins
When you drink tea, the natural herbs can assist the liver to detoxify the body of alcohol, caffeine, smoke and other food additives? The detox properties of green tea are well known and lead to improved activation of detoxification enzymes within the liver.
4. Boosts the Immune System
Organic, naturally-produced teas are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants act to shield your body from free radicals that may trigger health issues. Drinking herbal teas regularly will build a strong defence system against viruses and bacteria.
5. Increases Metabolism
Teas increase your metabolism which allows you to burn extra calories, even when you’re at rest. This can assist in weight loss as some teas have a thermogenic effect which both burns fat and decreases fat storage in your body.
Did I inspire you to go on a tea detox?
The brand of my choice was Nutri Plan! I've only just completed my week three of detoxing and I can already notice the difference. My skin looks much healthier, my hair stopped getting greasy after 2 days of not washing it, I can now leave it for up to 5 days! Not to mention that my appetite has decreased and I've began eating smaller portions and most importantly I've quit smoking! You can purchase the 28 days detox and join me.
This post was created in collaboration with Nutri Plan.


  1. I so need to get my body sorted for the summer so this sounds amazing. The only thing I worry about is whether I would like the taste

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. I need to detox badly, great post.

    Jenn | jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  3. You inspired me to start detoxing because I have an awful digestive system and my metabolism is not as high as I would want it to be!

  4. Sounds interesting. Did you lose weight as well?


  5. I think it's always a good idea to detox. Of course i wouldn't want to lose weight but I'm sure I would be energised. Thanks for the informative post.

    xo Yvonne


  6. Kerona Ledgister14 March 2016 at 18:45

    Sounds like a great product, yes it is good to detox your body to get rid of toxins that the body cant naturally get rid of

  7. I'm sure you would babe there's 4 different flavours all taste amazing. If you concerned about that just have a cup of green tea every morning, you can get one with lime or other flavours. Green teas are good for detoxing too but then again you shouldn't over do it.

  8. Great to hear that I've inspired you. Good luck beautiful!

  9. Yup! My appetite dropped! I still had my proper dinners, breakfasts etc. however I've realised that I haven't been snaking away in between my meals which is very unusual. It speeds up metabolism and improves digestive system. I'm slim however I had a little belly on me, that belly is now gone all I have to do is tone it up a little.

  10. In my case it helped me get rid of the unnecessary fat around my belly (there wasn't much). My ass and breasts are still there so I didn't dramatically loose weight lol. Those kind of detoxes are really good for you, I'm planning to do one every 3-6 months. Kisses! :*


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