Blueberry jelly cake - good ol' childhood days.

10th March, 2015
I love baking with my mother or cooking with my fiancĂ©, I believe it's one of the most bonding thing to do together. Today on the menu 'blueberry jelly cake'. We visited the local fruit market and couldn't resist the beautiful and tasty blueberries. Blueberries and raspberries are definitely two of my favourite fruit. They remind me of my childhood days, back in Poland, where I use to wake up in the morning, leave my grandma's house, head to the garden and staff my face with freshly picked berries, apples and pearls.
+ 6 eggs +
+ 6 table spoons of sugar +
+ 6 table spoons of wheat flour +
+ 4 any flavour jelly +
+ 0,5-1kg blueberries +
Whip egg whites. Add sugar, whisking constantly. Add one egg yolk at a time none stop whipping. Add the flour stirring gently with a spoon. Pour on oiled baking paper or tin foil . Bake in the oven 185°c - 200°c for 20-30mins until golden. Leave to cool. Put the berries on top. Pour previously done jelly. You can decorate it with whip cream and more berries!