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A little bit about me
I write about what I know best and what interests me the most. I love to beautify the space around my house and decorations made by hand, therefore I feature a lot of DIY posts on my blog. I spend my free time very creatively and actively. I try to show others the world in the brightest shades. I'm obsessed with animals and nature. Long daily walks are my hobby! I grab a picnic, camera and head out on a mission walk where I discover new places and get to capture the beauty of Earth, to later on share with my readers. I'm a woman and I take care of myself, therefore I write a lot about health and beauty. I follow the latest trends only if inspired by it, I cover fashion subjects too. I refuse to fit in, I like to stand out. Dominica S. is a style, my style, one of a kind.. Let me inspire you..
My audience
My readers are people who appreciate aesthetics and good style, people who seek inspiration and motivation, a moment of reflection and ideas for a more active lifestyle. The majority of my audience are women aged 13-35 based in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, followed by Germany, France and more. I believe the statistics will change as my fiancĂ© will appear on my blog more frequently with posts dedicated for gentlemen.
My blog
I absolutely love this place! I work hard everyday to keep my audience and myself satisfied with the effort I put in to improve my blog. In regards of collaborations and sponsored posts, I will only accept products that truly convinced me so that I can recommend them to my readers with a clean conscience. I'm not just an any blogger. Creativity is my second name! ;-)
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Customers said:
Beer 52 said: 'It was really easy working with Dominica. Our task was set out, organised, written and posted within two weeks. She came up with some great ideas and really made our brand stand out. It was the personal touches which really made the post work with her readers and we have had a considerable amount of traffic off the back of it. I would not hesitate to work with her again on review projects like this again.'
Hindsight Vintage said: 'We have found Dominica to be very responsive, professional, she has included good quality pictures and have modeled/shown our sunglasses very well. We would not hesitate to work with Dominica S. again, and will be back in touch for more collaborations.'
Nutri Plan said: 'Dominica was very pleasant to work alongside. She was very brief in her response times via email and the content which was written was to a very high standard. Upon reviewing Google Analytics, both posts led to a flood of traffic (which was niche relevant) and several conversions.'
Dirty Velvet said: 'The first thing to mention is how professional you have been, you've been informative and responsive from start to finish, so a big thank you for that. Your blog post is detailed and contains all the links and images we could ask for. I will keep checking back as last time you had a good amount of traffic and I noticed a lot of people using the comments section, which is a very good sign. It's been a pleasure working together, again. I also noticed that your partner has shared it on his blog so thank you both for the extra exposure.'
Petshop said: 'The review was very detailed with some great pictures of pets interacting with the products (as well as a Youtube video), which is exactly what we're looking for when collaborating with bloggers. The post was also shared on social media platforms, which we noticed gained us more followers. Not only this, we noticed traffic coming from the blog post to our website throughout the day - more so than any other blogger we have worked with. Overall very pleased and would recommend this blogger to anyone. Big thumbs up.'
The Jewel Hut said: 'Always on the look out for fantastic talented bloggers to collaborate with. Dominica ticked all the boxes, great work delivered very quickly.'
Jim Kersie said: 'Dominica's Blog has been a great journey for Jim Kersie. As we are developing as a company it is always a pleasure to see good blogger's. We initiated contact with Dominica's blog as the workmanship is top notch. Her website gives the audience a true feeling and representation of what she likes, it is the intricate details that really allow her posts to stand out. We are happy to extend our business relationship with her as we know she takes upmost care and due diligence in giving her audience a great read. I will also add her communication and level of professionalism is a pleasure to work with.'
Chichi London said: 'Dominica S. is a pleasure to work with. Our collaboration brought a fun and vibrant post which is what we're all about! Definitely look forward to working together in future.'
Daniel Wellington said: 'Dominica S. was a true delight to collaborate with. We would highly recommend her.'
     Shoreditch said: 'Dominica is an amazing blog partner. Not only does she provide great coverage of your campaign, she achieves high engagement via comments on her blog and social media. Highly recommended!'
Fever Collection said: 'I have just read the blog post and it was perfect! I'm sure Dominica's readers will enjoy reading it and find it useful. We hope to collaborate with Dominica again in the future!'

Oz Naturals said: 'We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dominica. She is professional, responsive and produces high quality content that reflects well on our brand. We look forward to working with her again.'
Indian Bijou said: 'Thanks Dominica!! We had a great response and nearly 1000 people visited the website over the past 2 days from your blog.'
City Tattoo Removal said: 'Thank you so much for the lovely post - it's very informative and great positioning for our brand. Will definitely use you in the future.'
White Glo said: 'Thanks for your post on Facebook and Instagram. We feel so appreciated that can have you to cooperate with our brand. You are such an enthusiastic and happiness girl who brings to White Glo the most welcoming atmosphere ever. Wish you, your family and your baby all the best! Hope to cooperate with you more.