Blueberry dumplings.

28th June, 2017
How amazing do these look? Dumplings with blueberries have been a tradition in my house ever since I remember. Whenever summer season starts, my mum always makes some amazing staff out of different fruit. From all kind of dishes, drinks, ice-cream to cakes! Ever since giving birth I have been craving polish meals more than ever. I've decided to give these a go as I've managed to get loads of juicy blueberries from the market today.

What men should know about women.

Things men should know about women.
25th June, 2017
Guides, books and articles on this specific subject, you will find dozens of them in stores and all over the internet. Unfortunately most, if not all of them discuss the popular stereotypes that sooner or later turn out to be a total fiasco. And there are things that men really need to know about women.. Let's turn myths into facts.

3 times yes - part two!

24th June, 2017
Hello my lovely readers! I am pretty shocked with the outcome and statistics of the new post series '3 times yes'. I'm very glad that so many of you enjoyed and even shared my post with your friends. I was so exited about it that I've decided to post the next one a little earlier than I've planned. Below you will find another 3 amazing products that I have been loving. Please don't forget to check my previous and very first '3 times yes!' post!

3 times yes!

18th June, 2017
I have teamed up with a number of amazing brands to create brand new post series called '3 times yes', which will be published on my blog regularly. In each of this posts I will introduce 3 completely different, worth buying things (hence the name), that have been tested and loved by me. In today's 'episode' I'd love to share with you fashion, beauty and home products that I have been absolutely loving over the past few weeks. Let's get right into it.

5 steps to a smooth and sexy legs this summer!

15th June, 2017
Summer is almost in full swing in England!! Smooth and sassy looking legs is a must for every woman every year this season. Shorts, dresses and skirts are slowly coming out of the wardrobes and we want nothing more but to look our very best. Here is my 5 steps guide to healthy, smooth and sexy looking legs.

Healthy and organic home made blueberry yogurt.

8th June, 2017
 I remember the good old childhood days in Poland, living in the country side, beautiful cottage, waking up to the cock every morning (so double-edged lol), being able to pick all the fresh fruit and vegetable I needed from my garden the size of a massive field, to later use for dinner. In other words - heaven on Earth. Back to reality. Busy London, 5x5 garden, 50% of it patio, one palm tree, no fruit or veggies, 2 miles queue in Tesco just to pay £3 quid for a small box of blueberries...

8 things no one tells you about newborn babies.

28th May, 2017
Being a first time mommy is not easy. Constantly worrying if we are doing things right, if our little bundle of joy is satisfied, happy, had enough to eat and so on... Welcome to parenthood!! It's beautiful and exciting but very challenging. A day didn't go by in the first week of my daughter's life where I haven't rang the doctor, hospital or midwives to flood them with questions about Christianna's well-being. This post is dedicated to all newbie parents, I hope I can put your mind at ease at least a little! However I'd like to highlight not to rely upon the information provided below, may you have any concerns in regards to your child's well-being please do not hesitate to contact your health care provider.

My experience with coconut oil.

25th May, 2017
 Couple of years back everyone was hype about the usage and benefits of coconut oil, which I totally doubted. Until roughly 7 weeks ago when my daughter was born and our midwife suggested buying organic coconut oil from the pharmacy as she had a very dry skin. I did so next day and ever since then ''heads down, hats off' - coconut oil became our very best friend.

3 healthy breakfast ideas.

17th May, 2017
Spring - that time of the year to begin a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, detoxing and exercising to improve our well-being and immune system, not to mention physical appearance! Here are 3 healthy and delicious breakfast (or lunch if you prefer) ideas which will hopefully motivate you to start eating healthy and add some exercise into your lifestyle. This could be anything from daily walks to work, school, park to sweaty gym sessions. My stepper machine has arrived this morning so I can finally start getting back into shape after pregnancy.

Rice water and coconut milk for hair.

4th May, 2017
I'm constantly on a look out for new and healthy home hair remedies and skin remedies. No store purchased beauty product full of chemicals can replace a 'all natural' home made one. I've came across this rice water and coconut milk hair mask not that long ago and decided to give it a go, bearing in mind all the coconut benefits I've learnt about in the past.